Delft University of Technology: Research Fellowship Program

Annual program to encourage international scientific contacts, the Delft University of Technology offers a limited number of research fellowships to young scientists and graduated students. Terms are for 6 to 12 months.
Mathematics; Architecture; Marine and Chemical Technology; Materials Science; Applied Physics; Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, Geodetic, Electrical, Mining & Petroleum, and Industrial Design Engineering, Technology and Society.
Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. work or otherwise must possess a Master's degree in engineering or science and at least have one additional year of experience in research. Must e under 36 years when applicant is from a partner university of Delft or under 33 years when not associated with partner university. Must be proficient in English, German or French; Dutch language experience is not required.
Varies, but is up to Dfl. 4000 per month (subject to modification and is related to the age and experience of the candidate).

DEADLINES ARE IN FEBRUARY, JUNE AND OCTOBER. Dr. Mark Waanders / Staff Executive Board - Research Fellowship Committee / TU Delft / Julianalaan 134 / 2628 BL Delft / The Netherlands Tel: (31)15-278.1685 Fax: (31)15-278.7749 E-mail:  <>