Edna Bailey Sussman Fund: Edna Bailey Sussman Environmental Internships

Annual program to support graduate students for short-term research projects and internships in environment-related fields.
Biological and physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, and law. Students pursuing studies significant to the environment. Internships that address urban projects and brown fields are of particular interest to the Fund.
Cornell graduate students who have arranged an internship or unpaid research position with a business, government agency, university, or non-profit organization. There is no citizenship requirement for the award. Work on locations outside of the U.S. and projects hosted by Cornell are ineligible.
Between $2,500 and $4,000, depending on circumstances and budgets, for a period of three to four months, any time during the year.
February 28
Further information is available from graduate field assistants as well as from Sarah Hale at <ssh2@cornell.edu>  and Shirley Weaver at <sjw5@cornell.edu>.  Send application packets to the Fellowships and Financial Aid Office, The Graduate School, 143 Caldwell Hall, to arrive on or before the deadline.