Journal of Heat Transfer

Abbreviated Title J. Heat Transfer
Publication Cycle Monthly

The Journal of Heat Transfer disseminates information of permanent interest in the area of heat transfer. Contributions to the journal consist of research on thermal energy transfer in equipment, thermal systems, and applied thermodynamic processes in all fields of mechanical engineering and related industries. Topic areas include, but are not limited to: heat transfer in aerospace, the environment, gas turbines, biotechnology, electronic equipment, energy systems, fire and combustion, manufacturing and materials processing, low temperature and arctic regions, refrigeration and air conditioning, homeland security systems, multi-phase processes and in micro and nanoscale devices and processes. Thermophysical properties, and theory and fundamental research in heat transfer are appropriate for the journal, as is work on energy transfer in all kinds of applied problems with long-term, archival goals.

Editor Yogesh Jaluria, Rutgers University, NJ
Affiliation American Society of Mechanical Engineers Heat Transfer Division
Contributions Original Work Only
Review Policy 3-4 Peer Reviews
ISSN 0022-1481