Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series A.

Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Abbreviated Title Proc. R. Soc. London, Ser. A
Publication Cycle Monthly

For well over a century Proceedings A of the Royal Society has been at the forefront of scientific dissemination, publishing refereed research papers in the mathematical and physical sciences, including chemistry and engineering since 1665. As a journal of the Royal Society it has the support of an internationally prestigious, independent academy whose mission is to recognize excellence in science. The reputation of the journal, as well as that of the Royal Society, rests on its ability to call upon the services of its Fellowship, 69 of whom are currently Nobel Laureates. Fellows of the Royal Society thus constitute the most distinguished members of the scientific community and by drawing upon them, as well as other eminent scientists, in the rigorous peer-review of research papers only those of the highest quality are accepted.

With its worldwide circulation and highly respected scholarly reputation, Proceedings A is essential reading for mathematicians, physicists, engineers and other physical scientists. The emphasis is on new, emerging areas of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. This is the place to report research likely to interest people in more than one field and to share the journal’s pages with our illustrious predecessors among chemists, engineers, pure and applied mathematicians, and physicists. Readers will recognize their scientific heroes in this partial list: Newton, Braggs, Dirac, Gauss, Heaviside, Heisenberg, Jeffreys, Lord Kelvin, Lighthill, Marconi, Maxwell, Pauli, Poincare, Lord Rayleigh, Raman, Reynolds, Lord Rutherford, Schrödinger, Stokes, Taylor, Whittaker and Young.

Editor Professor Sir Michael Berry, FRS, Bristol University, UK
Affiliation The Royal Society, UK National Academy of Science
Contributions Original Work Only
Review Policy 2 Peer Reviews after initial screening by a Fellow of the Royal Society, acceptance rate is 20%
ISSN 1364-5021