Journal Review

Regular/sporadic review of the following journals

2007–present   IET Control Theory and Applications
2007–             Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
2006–             Meccanica
2006–             Journal of Applied Mathematical Modeling
2006–             Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
2005–             International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (IJHMT)
2004–             Journal of Fluid Mechanics (JFM)
2004–             Transport in Porous Media
2004–             Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
2004–             International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
2004–             Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets
2003–             Journal of Sound and Vibration
2003–             Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology
2003–             ASME Journal of Heat Transfer
2002–             Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (ZAMM)
2002–             Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering
2001–             ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering
2001–             Journal of Numerical Heat Transfer
2000–             ASME Journal of Electronics Packaging
2000–             IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies
1999–             The Physics of Fluids
1999–             Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
1998–             The Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
1996–             The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
1995–present   The AIAA Journal, and the Journal of Propulsion and Power