University Representation

During his tenure at Marquette, Dr. Majdalani organized and lectured in several mini-course series that attract high school students. During this period, he has

  • Moderated the ASME Student Society at Marquette; reviewed proposals and judged the winners of the year-end ASME awards (1999–03)
  • Developed and presented 8 review hours for the Engineer-In-Training (EIT) and Professional Engineering (PE) exams at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (1999–03)
  • Lectured on “The Mind of a Mechanical Engineer,” a special presentation for High School students, Marquette University, Fall 1999
  • Participated in Hands-on Mini Course Series established by Dean Jensen in both morning and afternoon sessions (1997–00)
  • Participated in Engineering Open House (1996–00)
  • Participated in Mini Open House for High School Sophomores (1996–00)
  • Developed a mini-technical video library including a compilation of useful course-related VHS tapes (1996–98)
  • Developed a miniature demonstration laboratory using two wind-tunnel experiments that help 1) quantify lift and drag and 2) smoke-flow visualization of various aerodynamic bodies; laboratory components are still available for open-house events (1996–97)