A concise compilation of results of student evaluation or documented evaluation of candidate’s programs, activities, and skills


Dr. Joseph Majdalani’s record in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level has been exemplary, in my opinion. In the courses he teaches, he not only ensures that students understand the material required for the courses, to the best of their abilities, but also teaches students how to take, organize and retain course material; in short, he teaches them how to become good students. In a very real sense, he helps the students who take his courses begin the process of becoming professionals, to an extent that I have not seen before. This demonstrates to me, that Dr. Majdalani has a great concern for the quality of higher education in engineering and mathematics as applied to engineering. It is clear from the documented record incorporated in this application for tenure, that Dr. Majdalani’s former administration, and his college faculty peers at both Marquette University, and the University of Utah, also held this opinion (Dossier Sections B1d, B2c). Dr. Majdalani’s teaching evaluations from both undergraduate and graduate students (Dossier Section B1b) are extremely laudatory. Also clear, is the great benefit to students who are directed in research by Dr. Majdalani. Much, if not most of the research results produced by these students, both undergraduate and graduate students, becomes incorporated in archival publications. In summary, Dr. Majdalani has my strongest endorsement of his teaching skills, pedagogy, and effort, in engineering education at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Dr. Roy J. Schulz

Professor and Program Chair

Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

The University of Tennessee Space Institute


Dr. William R. Hamel

Professor and Department Head

Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville