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–Dr. Samuel Johnson


Dr. Martin J. Chiaverini, Principal Propulsion Engineer, ORBITEC, has led many of ORBITEC’s liquid rocket engine, hybrid rocket engine, and gel propellant programs. He currently serves as the PI for the Advanced MMH Gel Phase II project and recently led several vortex combustor Phase I/II activities. At ORBITEC, he has directed investigations of liquid- and gas-fed vortex combustion chambers, hybrid motors, ramjets, storable gelled propellants, and gelled and aluminized liquid hydrogen. Recently, he has also been involved with laser diagnostics, numerical simulations, and theoretical fluid dynamics. He currently serves as the analysis lead for the AFOSR Forward-1 project.

Dr. Chiaverini earned both a PhD and an MS in Mechanical Engineering, as well as an MS in Aerospace Engineering, from the Pennsylvania State University. During graduate school, Dr. Chiaverini pioneered the use of several state-of-the-art diagnostic devices, including a unique X-ray radiography system, to measure the regression rate behavior of hybrid rocket solid fuels in real time. He also earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a BA in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Chiaverini was the recipient of the NASA Space Grant Fellowship in 1996 for excellence in space-related research. He received the AIAA Best Paper Award in Hybrid Rocket Propulsion in both 1997 and 1999. He served as the Chair of the AIAA Hybrid Rocket Technical Committee and Chair of the Wisconsin Section AIAA. He has published several journal articles and numerous conference papers. In addition, he is currently co-editing an AIAA Progress Series textbook on hybrid rocket combustion. Dr. Chiaverini holds two patents on vortex combustion rocket engines.