The ideal mathematician's work is intelligible only to a small group of specialists, numbering a few dozen or at most a few hundred. This group has existed only for a few decades and there is every possibility that it may become extinct in another few decades. However, the mathematician regards his work as part of the very structure of the world, containing truths that are valid forever, from the beginning of time, even in the most remote corner of the universe.

–Philip Davis and Reuben Hersh

A great feat of engineering is an object of perpetual interest to people bent on self-destruction.

–Michael Chabon


Dr. Todd A. Jankowski received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Marquette University, working with Dr. Majdalani. His research at Marquette involved the derivation of approximate and exact analytical solutions used to describe two-dimensional time-dependent flows of gases in porous enclosures with various geometries. While at Marquette, he also worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial engineering, where he was responsible for the preparation of laboratory experiments and the supervision of students while running those experiments.

Todd is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Mexico with Dr. Arsalan Razani where he will receive his degree (with Distinction) in May 2007. Todd worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Los Alamos National Laboratory during his Ph.D. studies. His Ph.D. research involved numerical and experimental investigations of a rotating heat pipe for use as part of the thermal management system in superconducting electric motors and generators. In addition to his Ph.D. studies, Todd has also worked on various projects involving the analysis of cryogenic systems at Los Alamos. Some recent projects include experimental characterization of liquid nitrogen flow through micro-orifices, safety analyses for rapid discharge of cryogens from storage tanks, and pipe and valve sizing calculations for a liquid helium distribution system in a particle accelerator facility.