Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he who is ignorant of it cannot know the other sciences or the things of the world.

–Roger Bacon (1214-1294)


Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.                             

–Jn 20:29


Dimitrios A. Kakavelakis, III received his B.S. in Pure Mathematics and a minor in Geology from Georgia College & State University (GCSU) in Milledgeville, GA in 2010.  Immediately following, he decided to pursue an additional year of post-baccalaureate studies in Physics from GCSU in order to strengthen his preparation for continuing in the applied sciences, directly related to thermal-fluid analysis for fluvial geomorphological and nonlinear flow dynamics.  Consequently, Dimitri began his graduate education at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), located in Tullahoma, TN under UT-Knoxville in the fall of 2011 in order to study Engineering Science, where he is currently pursuing his M.S. thesis under major professor Dr. Joe Majdalani in theoretical thermal-fluid boundary analysis and swirl flow dynamics.  He holds the status of a graduate research assistant (GRA) and carries a 4.0 GPA .

As an undergraduate, Dimitri received the H.O.P.E. scholarship from the University System of Georgia, which he retained beyond the maximum allowable coverage of 127 credit hours, the 2008-2009 Gloria-Ravelo Memorial Scholarship, and the 2009-2010 Sarah L. Nelson GCSU Department of Mathematics Scholarship.  As a graduate student, Dimitri received the 2011-2012 Jordan G. Ennis Fellowship at UTSI.  Dimitri is a member of the National Mathematics Honors Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon, since 2010. 

Moreover, Dimitri is an ordained Anagnostis (i.e., Reader) from the Greek Orthodox Church in Thessaloniki, Greece, the new web-designer of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta, and has aided the UTSI administration in developing several major graphic design projects that have been featured in the 2012 20th Anniversary Edition of the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command Magazine, the 2012 Nashville, TN Career Fair Magazine, the 2012-2013 Manchester, TN Chamber of Commerce Directory, the 2012 Tennessee STEM Education Initiative, designing a 50th Anniversary Edition Magazine for UTSI in 2014, in addition to providing service in the latest rebranding of the Tullahoma campus.  Finally, Dimitri is an avid bird and landscape photographer, plays the piano, and loves to draw.