A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

–Winston Churchill


Dr. Susheela Narasimhan received the M.S., Ph.D., and M.E. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Utah, in 1994, 1997, and 1998, respectively.

Since then he has worked at Fluent as a Technical-support Consulting Engineer. During that time, he interacted with engineering teams from various companies including Intel, Nortel, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Qualcomm, Alcatel, Ericcsson, Schlumberger, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Litton Guidance and Control Systems, Solectron, Kaiser Electronics, 3COM Corporation, 3M Visual Systems. Dr. Narasimhan’s function was to provide technical support and consulting services for different CFD applications involving electronic cooling. In May 2000, he joined the Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group of Motorola at Northbrook, Illinois where he worked on several automotive chip cooling simulations. In March 2001, Dr. Narasimhan joined Cisco Systems as a Thermal Analyst dedicated to finding optimal cooling solutions for several Cisco products including switches and routers.

Dr. Susheela Narasimhan has published extensively in the field of numerical methods applied to electronics cooling. He has received the Garr Cutler Energy Award for best paper on Alternative Energy Resources. He has also received several Outstanding Achievement Awards from Motorola and Cisco Systems.