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In the News (SGCOE, AU Newsroom, Into the Lab Guardian, TN Today, Quest, UTSI News, AIAA, etc.)

    1. G. Alan Lowrey is named Earl Pearce Professional of the Year – July 20, 2017

    2. Dr. Anwar Ahmed is named the 2017 Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year  – June 19, 2017

    3. Orie M. Cecil is named the 2017 Graduate Student of the Year by the AIAA Greater Huntsville Section – June 12, 2017

    4. Dr. John E. Cochran Jr. receives the 2017 Hermann Oberth Award, the highest honor bestowed through the AIAA Greater Huntsville Section  – May 26, 2017

    5. Record number of Auburn University students, including Chandler Moore (advisee), receive National Science Foundation Fellowships March 31, 2017

    6. The Hybrid Rockets Technical Committee garners AIAA national recognition as TC of the Quarter March 3, 2017

    7. Professor Majdalani's advisee Tharikaa Ramesh Kumar wins the 2016 Best Aerospace Engineering Poster on "Biglobal Instability of the Compressible Taylor-Culick Solution in Cylindrical Rockets"  – October 20, 2016

    8. Astronaut Jim Voss receives the 2016 Haley Space Flight Award from the AIAA Foundation September 27, 2016  (nominated by Dr. Majdalani)   

    9. Professor Majdalani wins the 2015 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Paper Award August 26, 2016  

    10. Aerospace engineering faculty earn regional accolades in the areas of research, education and service June 30, 2016 (initiated by Dr. Majdalani)

    11. Dr. Eldon Triggs is named the 2016 Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year  – May 27, 2016 (initiated by Dr. Majdalani)

    12. Dr. Winfred A. (Butch) Foster Jr. receives the 2016 Hermann Oberth award, the highest honor bestowed through the AIAA Greater Huntsville Section  – May 27, 2016 (initiated by Dr. Majdalani)

    13. Professor Majdalani receives the 2016 AIAA Foundation Sustained Service Award.  This award is presented to recognize sustained, significant service and contributions to AIAA by active members of the Institute.  The nomination was initiated by Kurt Polzin, Chair of the Greater Huntsville Section, “for 24 years of dedicated service as a Faculty Advisor, Professional Development Course Instructor, Chair and Education Chair – Hybrid Rockets Technical Committee, TAC Member, and Session Chair”  May 27, 2016

    14. Airbus Americas donates $750,000 aircraft part to Auburn aerospace engineering November 20, 2015  

    15. Auburn faculty members honored with endowed professorships. November 3, 2015.  Also featured here

    16. Professor Majdalani's advisee Paul Kovacic wins the 2015 Best Aerospace Engineering Poster in the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase for "Designing a Stable Rocket Engine" October 22, 2015  

    17. Professor Majdalani's advisee Robert Watson wins the 2015 Honorable Mention in the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase Poster Competition for "CFD Simulations of the Bidirectional Vortex Liquid Rocket Engine" October 22, 2015

    18. Dr. Brian Thurow is named the 2015 Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year  – May 27, 2016 (nominated by Dr. Majdalani)

    19. Aerospace engineering students set another record-breaking performance at AIAA regional conference April 22, 2015

    20. Professor Majdalani featured on the DD News Metro in India talking about Auburn University's International Accelerator Program. Professor Majdalani represented Auburn University and the Provost in launching "Auburn Global" in both China and India April 3, 2015  

    21. Professor Majdalani in a meet the press for India's leading online business channel "Global Footprint Part 1 Part 2" April 1, 2015  

    22. Dominic Berardi, Auburn Global Regional Director, South and Southeast Asia, in a Meet the Press Video – Also featured here. April 1, 2015

    23. Professor Majdalani introducing Auburn University and its well-known engineering programs in Shanghai.  This was the second day of his one week trip in China covering Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing on behalf of the Provost, Auburn Global, and Shorelight Education March 25, 2015  

    24. Aerospace engineering faculty and students show strong presence at SciTech'15 January 23, 2015

    25. Professor Majdalani is selected as the National Faculty Advisor of the Year by the AIAA Foundation. Also featured in The Telemetry December 5, 2014  

    26. Project WALL-Eagle Maxi-Mav October 6, 2014

    27. Professors Majdalani and Foster earn several recognitions at national propulsion conference September 11, 2014

    28. Professor Majdalani is featured in a 15-page article published by AIAA Momentum; this news article is widely circulated to AIAA members worldwide.  It focuses on Auburn's extensive outreach and engagement activities made possible through Auburn's AIAA Student Chapter, the Auburn University Rocketry Association (AURA), the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) team, and the Design/Build/Fly team July 11, 2014  

    29. Professor Majdalani is featured in a special "Into the Lab" College of Engineering magazine article July 11, 2014

    30. Professor Majdalani's advisee Josef Fleischmann is featured in an Auburn University Faculty Highlight July 11, 2014

    31. Professor Majdalani and the Auburn University Rocket Association (AURA) receive a NASA achievement award for completing a successful rocket launch and for their extensive outreach activities with middle and high school students.  The story of their accomplishments is featured in the Auburn Engineering article "We gotta fly" July 9, 2014

    32. Professor Majdalani wins the 2014 Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year Award.  This Greater Huntsville Section Award recognizes a Section member for outstanding service to education and promotion of math and science within the community. The award is named in recognition of Konrad Dannenberg, a German-American rocket pioneer who was an avid proponent of education, an active member of the AIAA, and an inspiration to the aerospace community. In 1960, Dannenberg joined NASA's newly established Marshall Space Flight Center as Deputy Manager of the Saturn program. He received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 1973 for successfully initiating development of the largest rocket ever built, the Saturn V, which took the first human beings to the moon. When Arthur Rudolph came back from the army's development of the Pershing missile system, Braun assigned the management of the Saturn system to him. Dannenberg then started to work on Saturn-based space stations, which were eventually replaced by the Space Shuttle-based ISS.  Dannenberg retired from the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1973 and became an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) in Tullahoma, Tennessee June 6, 2014

    33. Professor Majdalani’s Students Win Best Paper Awards for Fifth Consecutive Year April 28, 2014

    34. Professor Majdalani's advisee Andrew Fist wins first place among all seven (7) regions of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), in the international M.S. competition held at the 52nd AIAA Sciences Meeting January 17, 2014. Also featured in and HIGH MACH

    35. Professor Majdalani selected as new aerospace engineering department chair at Auburn University.  AU Engineering News, UTSI News, Tullahoma News  September 1, 2013

    36. Professor Majdalani featured in Aerospace America, the AIAA flagship magazine with worldwide distribution July 1, 2013.  Also featured in TN Today/Faculty News and Notes (August 1, 2013)

    37. Professor Majdalani named Scholar of the Week! June 28, 2013

    38. Professor Majdalani receives AIAA award in Tennessee Today June 28, 2013

    39. Recognized in Faculty News and Notes June 20, 2013

    40. Professor Honored at AIAA Awards Luncheon June 13, 2013.  Also featured in Tullahoma news (June 20, 2013) and AIAA Daily Launch with worldwide email circulation (June 21, 2013)

    41. Student Receives AIAA Special Award June 18, 2013

    42. Recognized in QUEST! May 8, 2013

    43. Students Recognized at Chancellor's Honors Banquet – April 22, 2013.  Also featured in Tullahoma News (May 11, 2013)

    44. Professor Majdalani’s Students Win Best Paper Awards for Fourth Consecutive Year – April 16, 2013.  Also featured in Tennessee Today (April 19, 2013) and Tullahoma News (April 21, 2013)

    45. Recognized in QUEST! February 6, 2013

    46. Professor Honored with Educator Award January 26, 2013.  Also featured in Tennessee Today (January 28, 2013)

    47. Ten Years of Excellence at the UT Space Institute January 23, 2013

    48. Graduate Wins AIAA Foundation Award for Distinguished Achievement in Astronautics January 23, 2013

    49. Grad Honored for Achievement in Astronautics January 21, 2013

    50. Students Continue AIAA Conference Winning Streak June 1, 2012. See corresponding full issue of the High Mach Air Force magazineAlso featured in Tullahoma News (June 10, 2012)

    51. Professor Majdalani's Teams Win Best Paper Awards at AIAA Conference for Third Year April 13, 2012. Also featured here (April 24, 2012)

    52. Paper Wins First Place at Sixty-Second Annual AIAA Conference April 13, 2011. Also featured in Tennessee Today (April 14, 2011)

    53. Professor Honored February 2, 2011

    54. Students Honored for Work with AEDC December 17, 2010

    55. Annual Tennessee Section AIAA Awards December 1, 2010. Also featured in Tennessee Today (December 2, 2010)

    56. Outstanding Presence at the 46th Joint Propulsion Conference August 8, 2010. Also featured in Tennessee Today (August 27, 2010)

    57. Students Win American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards – April 29, 2010

    58. Students Win Awards at AIAA Conference April 26, 2010.  Also featured in Tullahoma News (April 28, 2010) and High Mach (May 7, 2010). See corresponding full issue of the High Mach Air Force magazine

    59. Student and Professor featured in Royal Society Review December 4, 2009.  See corresponding full issue of the High Mach Air Force magazine

    60. Student and Professor Featured in Royal Society Review Article November 25, 2009

    61. Student Becomes First to Have Paper Published in The Royal Society December 10, 2008

    62. Taking Rocket Science to a New Level November 16, 2009

    63. Professor and GRA Spent Summer in China September 16, 2008

    64. Dr.  Dahotre Named ASME Fellow March 6, 2008

    65. Dr. Majdalani Receives Highest Tennessee AIAA Award June 11, 2007

    66. Dr. Majdalani Honored by AIAA, SAE and ASME May 31, 2007

    67. Dr. Majdalani to Receive Teetor Award January 26, 2007

    68. Professor Majdalani Elected ASME Fellow October 5, 2007

    69. UTSI lights giant Christmas tree December 4, 2006

    70. $175K Contract Received to Study Rocket Motor Design January 15, 2006

    71. Professor, Former Student Publish Heat Management Paper November 27, 2005

    72. Majdalani receives  2005 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Paper Award – July 13, 2005

    73. AIAA Names UTSI Paper best in '04  May 29, 2005

    74. Dr. Majdalani collaborates with ORBITEC in developing innovative rocket engine January 9, 2005

    75. 16 Papers Presented at Propulsion Conference   October 3, 2004

    76. Fischbach Paper Earns Accolades September 22, 2004

    77. Major Changes in Shifting Focus to Research September 28,2003

    78. Dr. Joseph Majdalani joins faculty at UTSI September 17, 2003